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Cakovic Tomic – CT Legal is a full service law office, based in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. We offer a wide range of legal services to both, international and local clients.

The governing principle of our office is dedication to each and every client as well as to finding the best solution. We are at the same time recognized for our excellence and trustworthiness.



There is no compromise with respect to deadlines and agreed conditions.


have significant experience in representing and providing legal services to local as well as international clients.



  • CT Legal at the HRevolution – Generations through Innovation Conference
    On Thursday, October 26, 2023, the conference “HRevolution – Generations through Innovation” was held in the organization of O.U.R. HR. The conference is dedicated to trends and innovations in human resource management that contribute to business development. The conference gathered HR experts and CEOs from different industries.
  • The construction industry in light of the new amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction
    The recently adopted Amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction are explained by the need to encourage the market economy in an environment of more favorable conditions for foreign investments, then to encourage faster local economic development, as well as GDP growth. From a wide range of changes in the legislative framework, we highlight some of the most important, designed to enhance legal certainty for investment and construction in the Republic of Serbia.
  • New solutions and requirements according to the newly adopted Law on Electronic Communications
    In the light of harmonizing domestic positive legislation with the European Union, the new Law on Electronic Communications has been in force since May 7, 2023 whereby it is synchronized with the EECC directive, adopted by the European Union in December 2018. Enhancing business conditions in the area of electronic communications, strengthening the mechanisms for protecting users’ rights, as well as encouraging domestic and foreign investments are just some of the aims of the new law.