Ministry of Labour publishes Guide for Safe and Healthy Work from Home

The Directorate for Safety and Health at Work of the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs has developed a Guide for Safe and Healthy Work from Home, which was published on January 18, 2021 on its official website. The guide for work from home is intended for employers and employees with practical guidelines to facilitate work in a new situation.

In order to legally regulate the employment status of an employee for work from home, it is necessary for the employer to conclude with the employee an Annex to the employment contract which will regulate the possibility of working from home for a certain period of time, in accordance with the Decision on the work hours schedule made by the employer depending on the needs of the job.

The Law on Safety and Health at Work prescribes the minimum standards of safety and health at work, but the recommendation of the Directorate for Safety and Health at Work is to specify the rights and obligations of employees who work from home by a general act of the Employer or with an employment contract. In accordance with that, the general act of the Employer or the employment contract determines:

jobs performed by employees, necessary resources for the performance of jobs (infrastructure, work equipment, software, internet connection, etc.), manner and measures for maintaining contacts, conducting supervision over the work and quality of work performed, control and safety and health measures.

The Law on Safety and Health at Work does not prescribe provisions relating to work from home, and thus when implementing measures, it is necessary to take into account the adopted bylaws in this subject matter. 

In order to facilitate the identification and determination of risks at work from home, a Checklist for work from home was prepared which is a tool for implementing safety and health measures at work from home. Its purpose is to help identify risks, harms and potential preventive measures and is the first step in conducting a risk assessment. In addition to Checklist, solutions are proposed that are examples of preventive measures that can be undertaken to prevent or reduce risks.

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